Tips to Help You Pass Those School Exams

Some people thrive in academia and excel at taking exams. Personally, although I am not particularly bad at it, I hate it. I see people putting pressure on themselves, and even other people putting pressure on them. Whilst most people cope, some really do not, and it shows in their final results. In London, where 60% of the workforce consists of graduates, you can see why there is so much pressure for kids to do well on their exams. There is a good reason for the massive uptake of tutors in West London, where I live. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to make studying for that exam that much easier.



Preparation Is Key


This is a good rule for life in general. Never put off your studying; you will keep putting it off, and then the night before, you will be in a panic – drinking energy drinks all night and not sleeping, which will show in your exam results. Instead, plan a revision routine a few weeks before your exam, and try to stick to it. Don’t sit for hours every night; make it small frequent chunks, and it will be easier than you expect. Reward yourself when you do so, and when you finally get to exam day, you will arrive confident in the knowledge that you have done as much as you possibly could. You will be surprised by how much more information you retain by doing this instead of cramming the night before.


Make Sure You Understand Your Subject


It is very rare for person to excel at every single subject that they study. There will be times and lessons where you just do not have a clue about what is going on. The key here is to let someone know so that they can help you with that. This could be a teacher, tutor, or parent. Sometimes, all it takes is a five-minute explanation, and you are on your way. At other times, a little bit of extra tutoring from school or via a private tutor can make all the difference. There are plenty of science, maths, and English tutors in West London. Do not suffer silently and risk failing that exam because you pretended that you were okay. It is perfectly acceptable to ask for help.


Look After Yourself


Exams are stressful. Nobody doubts that for a second, and if you talk to people who have already taken them, they will tell you stories about the quivering wrecks that they were the days leading up to their exams. If you feel bad about your exams, talk to someone about it. They might be able to help in some way. It is important that you eat properly, especially on the day of the exam, and get the appropriate amount of sleep. If you are up all night cramming and eating and drinking sugar, you will crash at some point in the day. That is not recommended and will show in your results. If you are having problems sleeping, tell your parents or a trusted teacher and get some advice.


Remember, just because you fail an exam, it is not the end of the world. You can resit them or adjust your career options accordingly. Plenty of people have done well in their lives who did not pass lots of exams, so, whilst it is good to be ambitious and push yourself, don’t punish yourself in the process.



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An Introduction to the University of Hong Kong’s MBA Programme

The University of Hong Kong, or HKU, is the most prestigious MBA programme currently available in Asia, and many undergraduates are very interested in admission to university. This year, The Economist magazine ranked HKU as the number one MBA programme in Asia for the fourth consecutive year. The Financial Times also ranked HKU as the thirty-first best MBA programme in the world. This is very big news because Hong Kong University is also one of the youngest MBA programmes in the world. As such, many undergraduates who are interested about admission to university are wondering what is required of them should they decide to apply. Here’s what you need to know about the HKU MBA programme.


HKU hopefuls have two options when applying for admission to university: part-time or full-time. The requirements are the same for both: an applicant must have a recognized bachelor’s degree, a satisfactory GMAT score (600 minimum), at least two years of postgraduate work experience, and a passable Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) proficiency score. If you happen to be lacking in the GMAT or TOEFL score area, you can still apply as long as you have an undergraduate degree, two years of postgraduate work, and submit your GMAT and TOEFL scores at a later date. Additionally, the TOEFL score requirement does not apply if your undergraduate degree comes from an institution where the curriculum’s main language is English.


Because of HKU’s growing status, admission to university is drawing lots of international student interest. While this is exciting, getting a student visa can be a tricky process for the right to study at HKU. While applying for a student visa, a student needs to provide proof of residency in Hong Kong. This means a student has to already have their intended residence set-up beforehand, whether it be in the school’s dormitories or an apartment off-campus. But be warned: bureaucracy can be a time consuming process, so once you decide on attending Hong Kong University for an MBA, find a place to live and begin the visa process immediately. If any questions arise, contact the administration office at Hong Kong University.


If you are an international student, Hong Kong University can also be expensive. While Hong Kong locals pay about HK$50,000 a year, an international student can expect to pay over three times that. Coupled with the high cost of living in Hong Kong, expenses can add up quickly. This also doesn’t include books or other MBA school necessities. Thankfully, there are lots of scholarships and grants available to students based on outstanding academic achievements. If you’ve also worked hard to succeed, Hong Kong University has financial help opportunities available.


In the end, admission to University of Hong Kong’s Business School is intended for those who want to succeed and thrive in the booming economy of Hong Kong and the rest of Asia. Hong Kong leads the world with the freest economy, low business taxes, a growing strategic financial centre, and much more. Hong Kong University’s Business School is number one in Asia for a reason: it takes pride in expanding within the Asia-Pacific region while keeping an international conscience in mind. Wherever your MBA from Hong Kong University takes you, you will be greeted with respect.



Relevance of MBA Programs in the Current Job Market

Higher education is becoming more important in today’s world. The number of people seeking additional certifications after their first degree is increasing, as employers become more demanding about the job specifications. Some jobs currently require the applicants to have a master’s degree as a minimum requirement even before they are considered for the position. Also, prior to giving any promotions, a good number of employers insist that employees should have an MBA; meaning possessing one is directly linked to career growth. An MBA is highly regarded as it prepares an individual to handle the management aspects of an organization better, and it gives the person an edge over other workers as well.


Currently, Canada is considered one of the top destinations for students seeking MBA degrees. This is based on rankings given by various researchers who have also revealed that Canadian Business schools are among the best worldwide. Several of these schools have been positioned among the top 20; and while the highflying ones feature prominently on this list, there are also less known ones that are equally good, and these offer MBA courses that are just as competitive if not better.

Wilfrid Laurier University is one of the renowned Canadian universities that offer MBA programs. The good thing about taking an MBA here is that one will not only acquire knowledge in their field of study, but the program also instills confidence and leadership skills in the students. The institution basically operates with a global inclination, seeing as the market at present requires business executives to think global in their decision making. In view of this, the establishment helps students become aware and understand that even as they seek for solutions, they will not only be solving problems for Canada or Europe but for the world as a whole.

Some of the students who have gone through the MBA program at Wilfred Laurier University manage the biggest corporations earning millions of dollars in annual revenue. They are also among the most competitive in the market and are highly regarded among their peers, considering the superior level of training that they receive. The best part is that people who get an MBA are more likely to start off on a higher salary and get a salary raise; this means that it doesn’t take them too long to recoup the investment made while obtaining their Masters degrees. Indeed, higher education in Canada is very important seeing as MBA graduates are usually better paid than their high school graduate counterparts. This has seen the number of students seeking higher education rise sharply in the past decade.

While it is important for learners to look for avenues to improve their academic qualifications, it’s equally important for employers to facilitate their workforce appropriately and provide them with opportunities to pursue further studies. Even as this may help employees grow as individuals, it is also the best way to ensure that the company remains competitive so that it is well armed to face and address challenges in future

Everything you Need to Know About Becoming an Engineer

If you’re looking to provide yourself with job security even when the economy seems bleak then it’s advisable to learn a trade. With this in mind, could becoming an electrician be the right choice for you? The truth is that despite the fragile economy there still appears to be a large skills shortage in the UK with qualified electricians being one of these groups in high demand. Because of this qualified electricians have no shortage of work and in many cases have way more than they can handle. Therefore with the right training, there’s plenty of work to go around.

So What Do You Need?

The good news is that there is no qualification barriers needed to become an electrician as GCSEs are not a pre-requisite. However, you will be expected to pass various qualifications en-route which are both theory and practical based. You’ll also need to be adaptable, a good communicator, and most importantly not be colour blind. So how do you become an electrician?

Work Based Training Scheme

A work based training scheme or apprenticeship is often considered to be the best way of learning a trade or skill simply because you’re getting paid whilst learning a trade. In addition you’ll be working alongside highly skilled electricians where you can learn on the job. However, these can be hard to come by, but a simple online search for electrical apprenticeships should yield results.

Electrical Training Courses

Another way is to enter the profession is through an electrical training course. There are many available and they range from the absolute beginner, through to refresher and specialised courses. These are full time recognised courses where you’ll receive qualifications needed to enter the electrical trade. Initial qualifications include an NVQ level 3 in the Requirements for Electrical Installations and the Certificate for Domestic Electrical Installers. In addition you’ll receive training relating to health and safety, wiring regulations, and testing and inspection. These are basic requirements needed to work in the electrician industry and will allow you to go on and diversify or specialise to further your chances of employment. Specialities such as renewable technologies or solar installations may well be an advantage. Costs of courses can vary tremendously so definitely shop around

What Can I be Expected to Earn?

Starting salaries for an apprentice electrician are somewhere between £14,000 and £19,000 per year, rising to 30,000-35,000 for a senior electrician. Specialised electricians or those that are self-employed have the capacity to earn considerably more. Hopefully this has given you an idea to get the ball rolling and to decide whether being an electrician is the right career choice for you.

How To Master The Art Of Interview Etiquette

indexHave you just passed out of a full time MBA Gurgaon and about to make your foray into the big, bad corporate world? As you are well aware, one of the first hurdles that you need to cross is the dreaded “job interview”. Are you worried about making a good impression on the selector panel while remaining composed under heavy-duty interrogation?

Don’t despair, you are not alone. Millions like you go through the same fears. It’s all about mastering a few tips and tricks that will get you through the interview with flying colours.

First impressions are the ones that stay

They say that in personal encounters, first impressions are made within the first five seconds. In job interviews, you have about thirty seconds to make a pleasant first show. That image is what will stay with your interviewers.

The moment you enter the building, switch off your cell phone. Come ten minutes early and politely ask the receptionist for directions. Remember to smile. Make your entrance with energy, and make eye contact. Keep your shoulders up and shake hands with everyone in the room. While shaking hands, introduce yourself by saying both your first and last name.

Dress for the occasion

If you want that cushy job after a full time mba Gurgaon, then remember that dressing conservatively for an interview shows respect. Even if the job you are applying for will be a relaxed one, dress up.


Remember that the interviewers are human beings too. They will appreciate a smile. Keeping a serious or grim expression through the interview might leave them guessing. Smiling shows confidence, energy and an open nature. After all, when an employer is looking to hire you, s/he is not just filling a blank spot, but giving you a place in the company family.

Body language

Everything is under scrutiny during your interview. The way you sit, walk, gesticulate, etc is analysed by the interviewers to see if you are interested and enthusiastic. Always sit straight and put your feet firmly on the ground. Both your hands shouldn’t be on your lap, under the table. One arm should be on the table.

Always align your shoulders with the person who is addressing you, or who you are speaking to. Don’t fidget in your seat, or make too many hand gestures. Crossing your legs is not a good idea either.

Shake hands well

Your handshake says volumes about you. You should squeeze your partner’s hand assertively. Make sure you are not being too painful. Shake hands about 3 times. Always smile and make eye contact when shaking hands. Also, remember to say your first and last name while doing so.

However, remember that there are certain cultural differences that you must know about before going in. In some cultures, a kiss or a hug can also follow a handshake. Don’t be surprised if that happens.

At the table

When seated at the table, don’t place any of your things on it. no phones, keys or water bottles. If you have anything with you, place it under your chair. If they offer you a beverage, decline it as politely as you can. Make sure that your cell phone is switched off when the interview is on.

Have a good exit

Once the interview is over, thank the people present. Shake hands with everyone, and try to use their names if you can. Also, while leaving thank your escort if any. All this is a part of good manners nothing else.

About the author

Dana James works in the HR department of a multinational firm. She has headed the recruiters panel for hiring full time mba gurgaon students through graduate schemes. In her free time, Dana loves to play with her two dogs.


How You Can Benefit From School Bears

There are many ways that your school will be able to benefit from and use school bears. You will find that they make great ideas for fundraising events, leavers gifts, and they are easy to personalize. These are just one of the many great items that you may want to choose from. Some other available items for leavers gifts and fundraising are school drink bottles, school mouse mats, and school refrigerator magnets.


Your school will need to raise money for certain things throughout the year and school bears can really help in this department. School bears are cheap and that means that you can get them at a great price and be able to make a great deal of money off of them. After all stuffed bears are cute and this will promote students to ask their parents if they can get one to help with raising the money for the school. Most parents are going to think that this is a great idea and purchase the bear.

Fully jointed school bear hoodle

Leavers Gifts

Another great way to make use of school bears is to use them as leavers gifts for students who have finished your school and are now moving on to another school. This will be a way that you will be able to congratulate the students as well as provide them with something that they will be able to remember the time spent at your school by.

Easy To Personalize

School bears are easy to personalize as well. You may want to consider adding the year to the bear, the slogan of the school, school colors, the school mascot, or anything else that you feel would portray the school and look great on the bear. You have a number of options for how you want to personalize the bear for your students.


As you can see school bears can be used many different ways. Leavers gifts and fundraising events are just two of these ways. Remember to make sure that you buy these bears in bulk as this will help you to be able to get the best possible price on the bear. You should also take time in considering the design that you want to use to help with the school personalization of the bear as you want to make sure that it comes out looking just the way that you wanted it to. Perhaps you come up with a few different ideas and then see which one will look the best before purchasing the bears in bulk.

Top 5 Socializing Tips for Introverted College Students

So you’re not the super bubbly college freshman bouncing around from parties, to mixers, to sports functions. By no means does that mean college won’t be fun for you. In college you will be a part of a diverse community of learners, which is what makes a campus community rich and unique. Here are the top 5 socializing tips for introverted college students.

  1. Find a club or organization that allows you to be in your element. Often, even if you are introverted, being able to talk to people about something you love who have a common interest is the best thing to get you out of your shell. Like minded people will help you to develop a community where you will feel safe and secure.
  2. While it is good to push yourself out of your comfort zone from time to time, don’t feel like you need to keep up with all the party animals. While some students and peers may have something social going on every night, that just may not be for you–and that’s okay! Juggling classes, homework, schedules, work and friends is overwhelming enough; you don’t need to add the stress of a full social calendar or late nights out. Be patient with yourself and ease yourself into a social life. This will be less scary and more practical.
  3. Give yourself time to adjust. With time you will find your groove and if you are open and receptive, people you can trust and enjoy time with will come into your life. Be patient and positive about the entire college experience and good things will come.
  4. Stay in touch with family and friends from home. These are the people that likely know you best. They will be essential to talk to when you need a good vent session or if you need some friendly, honest advice. Often your instinct may be to lie and tell friends and family that everything is all right even if it isn’t. Be honest and remember that these people want to be there for you to help you through any challenges or frustrations you may face.
  5. Don’t let Facebook get you down. While Facebook is a great way to stay in touch with old friends and connect with new people from college, it can be deceiving as well as depressing at times. This platform allows individuals to share everything going on in their lives so that they can boast and brag about all the amazing things they are doing. Often this can leave the rest of us feeling boring, below-par and average. Don’t let these posts or pictures let your feel down or depressed about your own situation. Focus instead on all of the positive things you are doing in school through friends, academics and campus involvement. The first year is only a fraction of the entire college experience and you have so much more to look forward to!

As an introvert, the college experience can be an intimidating one as you try to navigate new friends, peers, classmates, and teachers. If you have the right attitude, get involved, have patience with yourself, and reach out to family and friends you will have a much easier time adjusting. Whether you are pursing a bachelors degree or if you ultimately strive to get an executive masters in health administration, these tips will serve you well and help to keep things into perspective.

How Businesses Create Opportunities For The Community

Businesses are the essential driving force behind the US, and the global, economy. The private sector has a massive role to play in the lives we lead, from the way we shop for groceries or a new gas supplier, through to the latest tech gadgets and inventions that are undeniably changing our world. These are areas where the private sector performs well, and in the process, helps shape the way we live and the choices we make. But business, far from being a negative thing, is actually one of the most positive contributors to the wider community in our country – not only in the sense of the goods and services they provide for consumers, but also in the various socially responsible ways they interact with their local communities.


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Perhaps one of the most obvious benefits businesses bring to an area is the opportunity of employment, with Kansas City jobs in particular in big demand. Unemployment is a personal tragedy for every person it afflicts, let alone their families and dependents. Businesses create new jobs, and help reduce the number of families who are unemployed in the process. This creates a community that is more confident about its abilities, and has more money to spend by virtue of the increasing productivity of the local labor market. In this sense, it is crucial to encourage new businesses to start, in order to provide these opportunities for others.

When a business starts up, it needs to find suppliers and service providers for its own needs. Furthermore, new businesses will be needed to cater to the needs of new staff members, and the cycle continues until a thriving economy is born, fuelled by businesses creating wealth and opportunity. Businesses don’t just create opportunities for themselves and for their own, but also for existing businesses, and the organizations they serve. This means there is a ripple effect caused by a new business starting or moving to town, where the money created from the new business spreads out.
A big issue for most business owners, tax revenues are one of the primary ways companies can give back to their community. This money will be notionally used to good ends, funding various government departments, services and programs. Businesses contribute a huge amount to the local and national economy through the tax burden they bear. This extends beyond corporation tax to include tax paid on any purchases, and a variety of other tax changes that have affected small businesses.

Businesses do much of their giving back through providing opportunities for employment, and through paying the substantial taxes they are required by law to contribute. But businesses also often go one step further, doing charity work of their own accord to cement their local reputation for being a caring, socially aware brand. Some employers allow staff to run charity fundraisers and events, as part of boosting their team morale. Companies build schools, invest in sporting schemes for kids, and generally back a range of solid, strong, charitable causes every year.


Aside from the aforementioned fundraising activities, there are a number of ways in which businesses can give back to organizations in need of charitable assistance. For example, there are plenty of charities that will accept a car or boat donation as well as money. Employees can donate a boat for charity in the name of the business and make a positive impact in the office as well as the rest of the world. The list of charities that accept these types of donations, such as a boat, is surprisingly long, so it is definitely worth investigating.

When businesses start up, or move to a new location, the whole area achieves the benefit of a bump from the experience. Businesses can bring new customers to an area, with money in their pockets to spend, while also shaping how a community develops. For example, a café may have a strong community role to play by virtue of its location, history or staffing. In this example, here is a business having a role that extends way beyond its original purpose of making money.

People can all too quickly associate private business with profit and therefore greed. This is unhelpful, given the power of money to change communities and provide much better resources for those who need them most. While shareholders may profit directly from a company’s success, the local community benefits massively from this kind of event, with new customers buying from their businesses as a result. Snapping up and renovating old buildings is another example of where companies can deliver a public good – just because there is a profit motive doesn’t mean businesses are any less concerned with the best solution for the community.

Business creates opportunity through delivering direct and indirect employment, while generating huge sums in tax revenues, which can be applied to funding schools, social projects and the military. Our economy needs businesses for the jobs they deliver, the services and products they produce, and the investments they make in our local communities.

5 Tips to Help You Survive Your First Month in College

Your first month of college is often an overwhelming but exciting time. You are officially “on your own” and away from home. While this is liberating, it is also a lot of responsibility. To manage it is important to have a positive attitude, get involved and make friends! Here are 5 tips to help you survive your first month in college. (more…)

Java Certification Courses

 Java development has long been one of the most respected and also well paid software programming jobs out there. Despite it being such a commonplace job, there is a widespread confusion regarding the various Java certification courses that must be pursued in order to become a well trained and successful Java programmer.

A recent report from, said that Java development jobs are one of the hardest to fill in. They are even hard to land then mobile development, .NET development and other software development jobs. The reason being, good Java developers are hard to find. Java is a high level programming language, which was initially designed to meet the requirements of consumer appliances. Today, owing to its highly secure architecture, the language has become a favorite of enterprise application developers. This is the reason that most large organizations that use enterprise level applications are on the constant lookout of candidate having training and certification in Java programming language.

Why is Java favored?

Java is the preferred language owing to the high security features that it provides against the malwares, viruses and hacker attacks. The Java language has a very useful feature where users can download suspicious codes and execute them in a secured environment or in quarantine, thereby keeping the entire operating environment safe. Besides, the language has system of built-in libraries, which makes programming an easy task.

Java Training: Objectives

There are two types of Java courses, one which covers the basic concept of Java programming, while the other is advanced Java certification course. At the completion of this training the candidate will be able to write, compile and execute a Java application on a Java virtual machine and master the basics of Java syntax and Javadoc. This training will make the candidate learn basic operation and mechanism of Java virtual machine in detail.  Although Java has a huge set of libraries and codes, it is not that hard to learn. The biggest requirement is that software professionals should match the rapid pace of changing technology and updates in the language system.

Java Certification Courses

If you really want to pursue a career as Java engineer, the first requirement is to possess a bachelor’s degree in software engineering or computer science. However, to give a perfect start to your career, this degree must be accompanied by a specialized course in programming for the Java platform. Java is a voluminous language and therefore, there are a number of certification courses that one can pursue and gain different levels of expertise.

Oracle is the  owner of Java, and therefore most of the courses are conducted by the Oracle University, the certification and education arm of the company. There are n number of courses and depending on your job role, product area and product group you can choose an appropriate course for yourself.

Different Certification Paths: The different certification paths depend on applications, database, industries, operating systems, virtualizations and other categorical differentiation. Oracle is the governing body that conducts these examinations. These vary in duration and complexity and passing them is an essential requirement in order to become a certified Java developer.

Author Bio

Saurabh Tyagi is an expert writer having interest in diverse topics like education, breakthrough technologies, and Web 2.0. He is a social media enthusiast and a self-confessed gadget-freak, who loves to follow the latest happenings in the tech world.