How You Can Benefit From School Bears

There are many ways that your school will be able to benefit from and use school bears. You will find that they make great ideas for fundraising events, leavers gifts, and they are easy to personalize. These are just one of the many great items that you may want to choose from. Some other available items for leavers gifts and fundraising are school drink bottles, school mouse mats, and school refrigerator magnets.


Your school will need to raise money for certain things throughout the year and school bears can really help in this department. School bears are cheap and that means that you can get them at a great price and be able to make a great deal of money off of them. After all stuffed bears are cute and this will promote students to ask their parents if they can get one to help with raising the money for the school. Most parents are going to think that this is a great idea and purchase the bear.

Fully jointed school bear hoodle

Leavers Gifts

Another great way to make use of school bears is to use them as leavers gifts for students who have finished your school and are now moving on to another school. This will be a way that you will be able to congratulate the students as well as provide them with something that they will be able to remember the time spent at your school by.

Easy To Personalize

School bears are easy to personalize as well. You may want to consider adding the year to the bear, the slogan of the school, school colors, the school mascot, or anything else that you feel would portray the school and look great on the bear. You have a number of options for how you want to personalize the bear for your students.


As you can see school bears can be used many different ways. Leavers gifts and fundraising events are just two of these ways. Remember to make sure that you buy these bears in bulk as this will help you to be able to get the best possible price on the bear. You should also take time in considering the design that you want to use to help with the school personalization of the bear as you want to make sure that it comes out looking just the way that you wanted it to. Perhaps you come up with a few different ideas and then see which one will look the best before purchasing the bears in bulk.

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