Relevance of MBA Programs in the Current Job Market

Higher education is becoming more important in today’s world. The number of people seeking additional certifications after their first degree is increasing, as employers become more demanding about the job specifications. Some jobs currently require the applicants to have a master’s degree as a minimum requirement even before they are considered for the position. Also, prior to giving any promotions, a good number of employers insist that employees should have an MBA; meaning possessing one is directly linked to career growth. An MBA is highly regarded as it prepares an individual to handle the management aspects of an organization better, and it gives the person an edge over other workers as well.


Currently, Canada is considered one of the top destinations for students seeking MBA degrees. This is based on rankings given by various researchers who have also revealed that Canadian Business schools are among the best worldwide. Several of these schools have been positioned among the top 20; and while the highflying ones feature prominently on this list, there are also less known ones that are equally good, and these offer MBA courses that are just as competitive if not better.

Wilfrid Laurier University is one of the renowned Canadian universities that offer MBA programs. The good thing about taking an MBA here is that one will not only acquire knowledge in their field of study, but the program also instills confidence and leadership skills in the students. The institution basically operates with a global inclination, seeing as the market at present requires business executives to think global in their decision making. In view of this, the establishment helps students become aware and understand that even as they seek for solutions, they will not only be solving problems for Canada or Europe but for the world as a whole.

Some of the students who have gone through the MBA program at Wilfred Laurier University manage the biggest corporations earning millions of dollars in annual revenue. They are also among the most competitive in the market and are highly regarded among their peers, considering the superior level of training that they receive. The best part is that people who get an MBA are more likely to start off on a higher salary and get a salary raise; this means that it doesn’t take them too long to recoup the investment made while obtaining their Masters degrees. Indeed, higher education in Canada is very important seeing as MBA graduates are usually better paid than their high school graduate counterparts. This has seen the number of students seeking higher education rise sharply in the past decade.

While it is important for learners to look for avenues to improve their academic qualifications, it’s equally important for employers to facilitate their workforce appropriately and provide them with opportunities to pursue further studies. Even as this may help employees grow as individuals, it is also the best way to ensure that the company remains competitive so that it is well armed to face and address challenges in future

Do a Course and Learn Something New

Thousands of people are doing jobs that they don’t enjoy, simply because they didn’t choose to go into further education and left school with minimum qualifications.

Having the money to go out, get the latest electronic gadgets and move away from home seems like paradise when you’re younger, but as the years roll by, some people begin to yearn to do a job a really enjoy; but they can’t, because they don’t have the qualifications and can’t afford to give up work and go back to school.

Adult education classes are a great solution to this problem. They are affordable and the classes are held in the evenings, so that you can attend after work. Admittedly, you do need to be motivated; it’s not easy to get yourself to a class after a hard day’s work, especially on winter nights when it’s cold and raining.

However, if you do have the motivation, you’ll find Adult Education classes are a good place to meet new people and gain the qualifications that you need for a new job or career.

Classes usually start in September and you pay for them at the beginning of the month, to reserve your place on the course. If it’s a bad month for spending anything extra, you can always apply for a payday loan. A company like Wonga Canada, will have the money in your bank within the hour and you can pay it back once you have your October pay packet.

If you don’t work set hours or going out to an adult education class doesn’t suit you, why not try an online course. Online courses mean that you can study wherever and whenever is best for you. If you’re really keen then you can do the course quickly, but If you don’t have a lot of free time, then you can study over a longer period.

Online courses send the materials to you in the post or by email and you complete your tasks using your computer. Not every course is suitable for online study. If you want to be a plumber or a hairdresser you might be able to work from home on the theory side, but you will have to attend classes in person for the practical lessons.

Online courses are normally more expensive than a government subsidised adult education course, but there are some companies that give discounts for earners on low incomes.

If you want to do a degree course whilst you are working, you can apply to a university and study for a degree or a diploma in stages. You have to gain a certain number of credits in order to get your degree and you can choose different areas of study, which will give you variety in your degree subjects. The courses normally start in September and each credit course must be finished within a stipulated time limit, but if you only take one credit course at a time, you’ll find the work load manageable.

Once you have the qualifications, you will be then be more able to to do a job, or start a career, doing something you really enjoy.


Java Certification Courses

 Java development has long been one of the most respected and also well paid software programming jobs out there. Despite it being such a commonplace job, there is a widespread confusion regarding the various Java certification courses that must be pursued in order to become a well trained and successful Java programmer.

A recent report from, said that Java development jobs are one of the hardest to fill in. They are even hard to land then mobile development, .NET development and other software development jobs. The reason being, good Java developers are hard to find. Java is a high level programming language, which was initially designed to meet the requirements of consumer appliances. Today, owing to its highly secure architecture, the language has become a favorite of enterprise application developers. This is the reason that most large organizations that use enterprise level applications are on the constant lookout of candidate having training and certification in Java programming language.

Why is Java favored?

Java is the preferred language owing to the high security features that it provides against the malwares, viruses and hacker attacks. The Java language has a very useful feature where users can download suspicious codes and execute them in a secured environment or in quarantine, thereby keeping the entire operating environment safe. Besides, the language has system of built-in libraries, which makes programming an easy task.

Java Training: Objectives

There are two types of Java courses, one which covers the basic concept of Java programming, while the other is advanced Java certification course. At the completion of this training the candidate will be able to write, compile and execute a Java application on a Java virtual machine and master the basics of Java syntax and Javadoc. This training will make the candidate learn basic operation and mechanism of Java virtual machine in detail.  Although Java has a huge set of libraries and codes, it is not that hard to learn. The biggest requirement is that software professionals should match the rapid pace of changing technology and updates in the language system.

Java Certification Courses

If you really want to pursue a career as Java engineer, the first requirement is to possess a bachelor’s degree in software engineering or computer science. However, to give a perfect start to your career, this degree must be accompanied by a specialized course in programming for the Java platform. Java is a voluminous language and therefore, there are a number of certification courses that one can pursue and gain different levels of expertise.

Oracle is the  owner of Java, and therefore most of the courses are conducted by the Oracle University, the certification and education arm of the company. There are n number of courses and depending on your job role, product area and product group you can choose an appropriate course for yourself.

Different Certification Paths: The different certification paths depend on applications, database, industries, operating systems, virtualizations and other categorical differentiation. Oracle is the governing body that conducts these examinations. These vary in duration and complexity and passing them is an essential requirement in order to become a certified Java developer.

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