Tips on how to stay focused

The increasing competition in this technology-driven fast-paced world is full of distractions. This often leaves you feeling less productive and drained of energy. Instead of looking for new jobs in Ahmedabad, follow these quick tips on how to stay focused on a regular basis.

1) Segregate urgent tasks from important tasks. Categorizing them appropriately will help you determine if you are wasting time in futile activities.

2) The important tasks or the routine work usually forms a large part of our focus. Find ways to make the tasks fun. Let your creativity flow. Be open to new ideas.

3) Get hold of a back-supporting chair and ensure your desk is well-structured. This way you can work for longer stretches of time without being strained.

4) Keep your computer distraction-free by having shortcuts for routinely used programs. Put all files in one folder related to each project.

5) Keep sufficient water nearby. Not only it is healthy, it refreshes you as well. At the first sign of fatigue or hunger, a glass of water can come to your aid. A glass of water can also fight signs of hunger.

6) Keep snacks in stock. Eating within your work area will prevent you from distractions.

7) Prepare a to-do list and keep it handy. Place it appropriately so that you can always see it and tick-off the tasks that are done.

8) Put all the difficult and challenging tasks on your agenda for the first hour at work because that is when you are the most productive. Let the less pressing work follow suit. Keep the routine boring tasks for the end.

10) Put on headphones and protect yourself from distracting gossip. It will help you retain your focus and prevent your mind from wandering off.

11) Discipline yourself to log into social networking sites only when you have extra minutes free or while taking a break.

12) Organize your emails by keeping a separate email address for work and one for your personal usage. Enable the filters. Organize the emails you must attend later. Delete the rest.

13) Set clear deadlines for all the tasks in your priority list. Create a sense of urgency. Focus on the important tasks first.

14) Break bigger tasks into smaller doable tasks so that you can realistically complete them. Reward yourself each time you finish your task.

15) Take regular breaks rather than feeling overwhelmed with multiple ideas and thoughts. Make your 15-minute breaks a digital-free zone. Use the time to brew coffee or listen to energizing songs. Chat with a co-worker or read a new book.

The next time you are feeling overwhelmed with work, try these tips on how to stay focused at your job and be productive.

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