Working Smarter: Getting More from Your Business

Your small business is your baby, your child, something you’ve created from nothing – and everything its earned is the result of your sweat, blood and tears. As you start to take your business in new directions, and try to make greater profits; it’s not uncommon to find yourself protecting your small business from things that can change, or threaten the “purity” of its brand and mission – even if it ends up limiting what you can get for your business income wise. In this article we’ll take a look at how you can get more from your business, by letting go of some of your overprotective tendencies – and still keeping what you love about it strong as ever.


Let Others In – You’re Still in Control

As your business has grown, you’ve probably started to get a lot more “cooks in the kitchen” as more and more opinions are presented to you about the way you can manage the various facets of your company. It can be frustrating to even consider that someone else might try to tell you what to do with the thing that you’ve built from the ground up. How can they possibly know what to do better than you? What you have to realize is that input from others isn’t an admission of inferiority, and that you’ll end up coming to better conclusions on your own, the more outside opinions you consider. Take time to setup a meeting at least once per week if possible, to hear the feedback and opinions of people who work for and with you – you won’t regret it for a second.

Invest More in Marketing

Even if you’re investing a small amount of money in marketing your small business, chances are you’ve limited your spend based on protecting yourself from the risk of a larger investment. You may think this is being prudent, and you’re just being responsible with the limited funds that you have. Sure this may be true, but have you ever wondered how much profit you may be missing by not investing in the marketing that will bring in real, high-volume business? If you want your business to deliver more profit to your pocket, you need to make the investments that will make a difference. Consider a tailored marketing campaign like direct mail. Target your best customers by customizing each print piece with their unique name, business logo – or even preferred set of products. Variable Data Digital Printing makes all of this possible, and offers you the opportunity to increase the spend of your customers by marketing to them on a targeted level. This is just one example of how you can grow your business by investing more in your marketing; but no matter the approach, you need to increase it sooner or later.

Eliminate Waste: the Easiest Way to Save Money

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